Marvin and Tobe’s Baptism

Marvin and Tobe's Baptism Chosen, Loved, Received and Celebrated Today, at Saint John the Baptist parish in Quincy, Father Bob Cullen, the Administrator, celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism of two babies, Marvin and Tobe. Surrounded by the love of their families, parents and godparents, the support of the staff and the volunteers of the Friends of the Unborn community, the loving spiritual care of the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth, and the warm welcome of Saint John the Baptist parish who have embraced each of the newly baptized boys and their mothers into their new spiritual home and their new spiritual family, "The Church is a true Mother who gives us life in Christ and, in the communion of the Holy Spirit, brings us into a common life with our brothers and sisters." Pope Francis, 3/9/2014 Photo Credits: George Martell

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