Our Homes

In our community we make a distinction between the house of formation, commonly known as the Motherhouse, and other houses. Our convents are to be solidly built, simple, modest, warm and austere. They should be kept in good repair, clean and neat in appearance. In all houses there will be a cloistered space accessible only for use by the Sisters and a portion of the house, which will be open to the public as necessary. It is preferable that our homes be accessible by public transportation. We will use a car only when it is needed.

House of Formation: Given the dynamics of formation in the early stages of religious life it is very important to provide a healthy environment for the Sisters. The convent must be a house of prayer and solitude. It is also very important to have enough space for study and formation, since the novices will take classes at convent. Only the Motherhouse will have two chapels, one will be in the cloister with the Blessed Sacrament reserved only for prayer and meditation, and one will be on the first floor and will be used for the celebration of Mass and accessible to the public.

House of Ministry: Following the spirituality of Blessed Charles our Houses of Ministry must be small like the House of Nazareth, with no more than five to seven Sisters in convent.